Allpack Donates Children's Desks to Birmingham-Based Education Charity


As the third UK lockdown looks set to remain firmly in place into spring, schools throughout the country are faced with a number of challenges in providing educational services to children, with limited resources and a shortage of material to ensure an adequate and equal learning experience for all students.

In an effort to alleviate the pressures of creating suitable learning environments for children in the area, Allpack has donated 100 purpose-built desks to Titan Partnership, a local charity that operates a network of primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and private training providers across Birmingham. 

The charity, founded in 2000, offers teacher training routes and provides learning and employment opportunities to young people across the city, aiming to enrich local communities and combat impoverishment, with a core focus on promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Discussing the donation, Carolyn Chapman-Lees, Chief Executive Officer of Titan Partnership, commented: 'The Coronavirus crisis is causing unprecedented challenges for our schools and their pupils. As pupils work from home it can often be difficult to find a quiet place to study that they can call their own. The My Little Desks are a sturdy yet portable solution to this, providing pupils with their own workspace that can be packed away at the end of the school day. Our sincerest thanks go to Allpack for their kind donation of 100 desks, which will benefit primary school pupils across the Titan network.'

Allpack would like to thank Titan Partnership for their continued efforts in providing educational resources and learning opportunities to young people throughout Birmingham, and we wish the group every success in its drive to provide computer access to disadvantaged children throughout the area. 

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