Allpack, a leading innovator in the packaging industry, is proud to announce its recent achievement of the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution certification at the prestigious AA grade level. This remarkable accomplishment showcases Allpack's unwavering commitment to product quality, safety, and operational excellence.

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials is internationally recognised and renowned for its rigorous assessment of the packaging industry, ensuring the highest standards in food safety, product quality, and supply chain management. Achieving the AA grade, the highest grade possible demonstrates Allpack's dedication to providing customers with the utmost confidence in their products and services.

The BRCGS AA grade certification represents Allpack's alignment with internationally recognised best practices and their commitment to delivering top-tier packaging materials. This certification not only signifies a dedication to the highest quality products but also showcases Allpack's devotion to sustainable and ethical practices throughout its supply chain.

ALlpack Cannock NDC Website ImageThis achievement comes as a result of Allpack's relentless dedication to quality, safety, and continuous improvement throughout its manufacturing and supply chain processes. It underscores their ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding global standards while embracing innovation and sustainability.

Allpack's Managing Director, George Clarke, expressed immense pride in this significant milestone, stating, "Receiving the BRCGS AA grade certification in such a small timeframe from receiving the original A grade is a testament to the hard work, passion and dedication of our entire team to achieving this prestigious result. The new AA status reflects our commitment to ensuring that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards and reinforces our promise to our customers to provide them with the best packaging solutions available. This certification sets a new benchmark in our industry and exemplifies Allpack's unwavering pursuit of excellence, especially given that only 30% of suppliers achieve a grade AA."

Allpack Warehouse Image - websiteAllpack looks forward to the opportunities this accomplishment will bring, including further expanding its customer base and developing innovative solutions that continue to raise the bar in the packaging industry. Our customers can now be even more confident in their choice to partner with a company that has achieved the highest industry standards.

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