Allpack Achieves Carbon-Neutral Britain Status, Demonstrating Commitment to Sustainability

28 February 2024

IMG_47745Allpack, a leading packaging company, proudly announces its achievement of securing Carbon Neutral Britain certification, marking a significant milestone in the company's ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

In an era where businesses increasingly recognise the importance of reducing their carbon footprint, Allpack has taken proactive steps to address climate change and contribute to a greener future. The company has implemented a comprehensive strategy to measure, reduce, and offset its greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in carbon neutrality.

ALlpack Cannock NDC Website ImageAllpack is dedicated to being as eco-friendly as possible, not just with the stocked product lines, but also in the infrastructure that underpins our business.

Allpack’s National Distribution Centre (NDC) is an EPC A-rated building, containing automatic lighting, air conditioning and is thermally insulated to reduce heat loss to the surrounding environment. Our NDC is situated near Kingswood Lake and has been designed to provide a safe nesting space for local birds. Our car park includes multiple electric vehicle charging points for our employees to utilise throughout the day. Our modern warehousing operation utilises fully electric forklifts, coupled with our ULEZ-compliant delivery fleet, helping to ensure our warehousing and operations sections are as eco-friendly as possible.


Key initiatives that contributed to Allpack's carbon-neutral status include:

  1. **Energy Efficiency:** Allpack has invested in energy-efficient technologies and practices across operations, significantly reducing energy consumption and associated emissions.
  2. **Renewable Energy:** The company has transitioned to renewable energy sources to power its facilities, demonstrating a commitment to clean and sustainable energy solutions.
  3. **Waste Reduction:** Allpack has implemented waste reduction measures and improved recycling programs to minimise the environmental impact of its operations.
  4. **Carbon Offsetting:** To address emissions that could not be eliminated through internal measures, Allpack has invested in high-quality carbon offset projects. These initiatives support renewable energy, reforestation, and community development, contributing to a global reduction in carbon emissions.

"Allpack is thrilled to announce our achievement of attaining Carbon Neutral Britain certification. This milestone underscores our dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices," said Daniel Terry, SHEQ Manager at Allpack. "We believe that by taking these steps, we not only fulfil our corporate responsibility but also inspire positive change within our industry and beyond."

Allpack remains committed to ongoing sustainability efforts, continually exploring new opportunities to reduce its environmental impact further and promote a circular economy.

For more information on Allpack's sustainability initiatives and carbon neutrality achievement, please read our Sustainable Packaging webpage contact us via or call 01543 396700 to discuss your sustainable packaging requirements.



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